What can i hire a hacker to do?

What can i hire a hacker to do?: The globalization of the world as a digital village has given rise to personnel picking up digital skills to improve their lifestyle and aid this technological phase. Computers have taken over an integral part of our lives. One of these skills is hacking. Before our residual knowledge of hacking as a strictly illegal market, Hacking as a service has now incorporated purpose-driven websites that hire the skills.

The term ‘Hacking’ has evolved from hackers seen as knowledgeable people involved in harming systems or stealing data to a more legal venture that provides legal services to businesses. The commercialization of hacking skills is called Ethical Hacking which is now legalized. 

What can i hire a hacker to do?

What can i hire a hacker to do?

What is Ethical Hacking?

You must have seen movies portraying hackers being converted from the “dark side.” The hacker is often portrayed as unsociable, night owls stuck on the computer system. These are not far from the truth. Ethical hacking involves tightening future digital security to prevent attacks from malicious hackers that can be carried out on a network.     

Ethical hackers now fish out threats, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities in areas where a conniving data attacker may find and try to exploit, leading to loss of finance, important information, and other damages. The overall purpose of ethical hacking is to strengthen and improve the security of networks. This might prompt them to use the same tools and methods used by malicious hackers, though with permission from authorized personnel. Some ethical hackers worldwide are Kevin Mitnick, Tsutomu Shimomura, Joanna Rutkowska, Richard Stallman, Marc Maiffret, and others.

Types of Hackers

The White Hat Hackers (Ethical Hackers):

They are professionals in cybersecurity. The aim and motive of ethical hackers are to detect faults in the security network and assist companies in the war against cybercrime. The loopholes in cybersecurity are hacked into, and by so doing, the weak points are identified and fixed to curb future attacks from outside sources.

The Black Hat Hackers (Crackers)

These are professionals on the dark side, as earlier cited. They are knowledgeable people who hack into systems without authorized entry into these systems. The extent of this breach can go as far as destroying the system completely or stealing useful information to blackmail or sell on the black market. They work outside the law.

The Gray Hat Hacker 

They fall intermediary between the black and the white hat; hence they are not certified, hackers. Note that the intention of the hacker decides the type of hacker. The intention of the grey hat hacker is strictly for personal gain. Experimenting with a fun hacking experience is a yes game to a grey hat hacker.

What are the services a hacker can provide?

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in hacking, Ethical hacking is offered by a large scale of IT Services companies. I have narrowed down these services. 

Penetration Testing

Also referred to as pen testing involves a comprehensive method of testing the cyber security of an organization’s vulnerabilities. It involves planning and reconnaissance, scanning tools to understand the target’s response to intrusion, gain access, and maintain access using APIs.

Network/Software Security Update

Ethical hackers ranging from simpler tasks to highly complex ones, provide services that help protect businesses’ software by providing an integrated system or network.

Vulnerability Assessments

You can run a scan as a hacker and provide businesses with a report. These vulnerabilities are verified shortly and not exploited in detail.

Creating Defensive responses to the denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on websites. This is aimed at barring traffic identified as illegitimate and allowing the traffic identified as being valid.

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