Three Ways To Secure Your Crypto Wallet

Ways To Secure Your Crypto Wallet: The security of your cryptocurrency wallet should be a top-tier priority because it can be disheartening to lose the funds in your wallet to hackers online. Even though everything on the internet can be hacked, there are preventive measures you can put in place to ensure you are not a victim to one. Here are 3 ways to secure your cryptocurrency wallet;

  1. Protect your device: Most wallets are used with our devices can be it your phone, tablet or PC. Any form of attack on any of these devices is an indirect attack on your wallet. Given the popularity of cryptocurrencies in this current age, anyone that gains access to your devices will always look for any hint to access your crypto wallet if possible. There are various ways you can protect your device, some of which are:
  • Install an antivirus and keep it updated: antiviruses are software that fends off actual computer viruses, and this is just a small part of what they do.  Ransomware encrypts your files and demands payment to restore them. Trojan horse programs seem like valid programs, but behind the scenes, they steal your private information. An effective antivirus protects against these and many other kinds of malware.

You may be thinking Windows Defender that is baked into the operating system of your computer is enough for your security, but the thing is built-in antivirus doesn’t compare with the best third-party antivirus. Even the best free ones are way better than Windows Defender. Don’t rely on it; you can do better.

Three Ways To Secure Your Crypto Wallet

Ways To Secure Your Crypto Wallet
  • Get a VPN and use it: A VPN encrypts your internet traffic, routing it through a server owned by the VPN Company. Examples of VPN providers include Express VPN, Nord VPN, SurfShark, IPVanish VPN, Private Internet Access and many more. Using a VPN also hides your IP address. Advertisers and trackers looking to identify or geolocate you via that IP address will instead see the VPN company’s address.
  1. Avoid Public Wifi: Public wifi can be a dangerous tool if the owner decides to spy on the users. This is another method to further protect your devices.

The major threat that can be associated with public wifi is the theft of personal information. Personal information comes in many forms:

  • Login credentials
  • Financial information
  • Personal data
  • Folders

A hacker can gain access to your device through a  public WiFi connection, they could have free rein over everything stored on your device. For example, they might gain access to your key phrase remotely if you connect to your cryptocurrency wallet using public wifi or your bank account through their access to your financial information.

Once hackers obtained your details, they can log in to your pages and cause damage to your finances and reputation. If they don’t get full access to the data on your computer, they could still intercept the information you are sending over the Internet.

Any time you connect to the Internet using a Wi-Fi network that you don’t own, you should use a virtual private network (VPN). Say you go to a coffee shop and connect to a free Wi-Fi network. You don’t know anything about the security of that connection. It’s possible that someone else on that network, without you knowing, could start looking through or stealing the files and data sent from your laptop or mobile device. The hotspot owner might be a crook, sniffing out secrets from all Wi-Fi connections.

  1. Use Multiple or Two-Factor Authentication: It’s essential to have a strong password, but it’s even more critical to have two-factor authentication (2-FA), or multi-factor authentication (M-FA). This provides two layers of security actions so if a hacker gain access to your wallet, there is still an additional security measure in place to ensure that your account is not breached. This is very important, especially for a wallet like Binance, because 

How can you recover your wallet in case you are hacked already?

In case of a hack be it a general occurrence or a personal hack you can wait for the customer care center to attend to you but this will take a lot of time especially if it is a general issue. Your best option is to hire a recovery expert for yourself in the form of a hacker. A hacker can help you go through the software algorithm of your wallet or trace transactions related to your wallet on the blockchain to retrieve both your account and your cryptocurrency in case it has been transferred to another wallet.

Contact Duolabs to hire a hacker today. Duolabs is an online centre to hire the best hackers in the system. The hackers on Duolabs have a track record of about 600 satisfied clients with their range of expertise on different hack jobs from Whitehat jobs to Black hat jobs. Go to to look at the various hack jobs that can be done apart from Wallet account retrieval and contact them to hire a hacker.

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