How To Uncover A Spoofed Number

Uncover A Spoofed Number: Spoofing is an act of communicating via phone or email in which the communicator pretends to be someone else to gain the trust of the person with whom the communication has been initiated. Spoofing can be conducted through any popular communicating medium such as emails or phone calls

A spoofed phone call says that it’s coming from a particular phone number, individual, or company when it pops up on your phone’s screen but is in fact being made by a completely different phone number. It can be difficult to tell if a phone number is spoofed or not.

Spoofing is relatively easy to do by individuals and companies which means that you can’t always trust what the caller ID says when the phone call is received. Often a reverse caller ID check will simply redial the number displayed by the spoofing, not the actual number behind the call.

How to know if a number is spoofed – Uncover A Spoofed Number

Uncover A Spoofed Number
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While there is no completely precise manual about ways to detect a spoofed number, there are several methods that can be helpful for you to get good knowledge about what going on in your call log and may help you catch a spoofed number.

How To Uncover A Spoofed Number

  1. Google the phone number: Doing a basic web search of the phone number that called you and cross-referencing if the identity claimed is true. This method is very helpful when the caller claim to be from a well-known establishment or firm since the company phone number can be easily seen in the company’s profile on Google or the company’s website. But be careful as more sophisticated scam schemes tend to spoof the company phone numbers. Further research is to be taken to determine if a number is spoofed or not.
  1. Call the number that is calling you: You can immediately determine if a call is spoofed or not by calling the number that is calling you with another phone while you have the person on the line. If the number is engaged, then this may imply that they are indeed calling from the number shown on your phone.
  1. Call the firm and confirm: After dropping the call from the suspected spoofed number, look up the contact number of the firm the caller claim to be from and give them a call to confirm the existence of the person who claimed to be from their company and his/her claims.
  1. Use a caller identifier app: There are varieties of apps for iPhone and Android smartphones, such as Truecaller, that can alert you of numbers that are used by scammers. 

Truecaller for example has a feature that allows people to report a phone number for scamming or spamming, so even if you can’t be sure if the number is spoofed or not peoples review and report on the number can help in your decision making.

How to uncover a spoofed number

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to reveal a spoofed number as the technology makes it too easy for people to do without leaving a track. It may be possible to track down a spoofer by convincing a phone carrier and law enforcement to begin an investigation but this can be incredibly time-consuming and still isn’t guaranteed to get the result you require.

If you happen to be talking to someone who’s using phone spoofing for legitimate business reasons, you are completely in your right to ask them if the number showing in the caller ID is the number they’re calling from. Most professionals would be completely fine with disclosing the fact that they’re calling from a different number even if they may not want to disclose what number that is for their security reasons. Some may prefer to give you their real number if they need to stay in touch with you.

What to do if you get a Spoof Call?How To Uncover A Spoofed Number

It isn’t easy to detect and it is nearly impossible to trace a Spoof Call. If you encountered one, follow these tips:

  • Never provide your personal or financial information to an unknown caller. Spoofing just like phishing is frequently used by scammers who want to steal your data. No genuine organization asks for confidential information on calls or emails.
  • Never send money if any person or organization asks for it on the call. If someone says you owe the company money hang up the call and contact the company through its official website to confirm.
  • Block the number if you find it suspicious. Though spoofers use different caller IDs, so it is difficult to avoid them just by blocking.
  • Never reply to texts from an unknown number even if it asks you to respond with STOP to opt-out of future texts. This is the trick used by scammers to trap users. Simply delete the message and block the spoofed number.
  • Contact an expert; Incase you need to confirm a spoofed number as soon as possible, you can contact an expert from DuoLab to help you uncover this. The process takes just few minutes. Click here to contact an expert.

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