RETRIEVE MY LOST FACEBOOK PASSWORD: Facebook as a social media platform has covered much ground serving as a platform for connecting people in different places at different time zones and networking in terms of business-related opportunities. Hence, for easy accessibility to the social media site, many users like me and you choose to always stay logged in on their mobile devices, smartphones, iPods, or computers.

This saves us the stress of remembering passwords to myriads of social media account we own. When inevitably you get logged out from your mobile devices and, in many cases, have trouble remembering your Facebook password when logging back in, this article covers how best to retrieve your lost Facebook password when you inadvertently get logged out of Facebook.


First and foremost, Facebook as a social media site has set a retrieval mechanism in case you get logged out and can’t get logged in. Note that Facebook’s account recovery mechanism is by far the best and legitimate way to retrieve and reset your lost Facebook password. This retrieval system uses previously set up information when opening an account to confirm your identity if authorized or not. The reason why without access to this account, you likely won’t be able to retrieve your account unless you have a configured browser that remembers saved passwords.

Retrieving your lost Facebook password poses a challenge at the moment as there is no real tested and proven method by which Facebook can send you your lost password as it is strictly confidential and they do not know it.

Facebook Security Routine

However, in the eventuality of you not having access to your Facebook account, you can retrieve your lost Facebook password by resetting your password. Some patterns you can imbibe to reset your password are highlighted.

You can either use an alternate mail or phone number to log in or try to regain access to your Facebook email account by contacting your service provider to help retrieve your lost email. Follow the rules as presented to you in this article.

1. Being on a recently logged device into your Facebook account can be of great help since it can present the user with Recent Logins. You can automatically log in to your account immediately after viewing your account profile.

2. In a scenario when you are on a new device that finds it hard remembering your last login, navigate to the Facebook Find your account page and click on Forgot Password.

3. Next is entering your full name, email address, phone number. Select Search next.

4. Select how you as a user want to receive your password reset code either via text or by email. This is after Facebook finds a match to either the email address or phone numbers you entered. Then Click Continue

5. Facebook brings you matching search results if you enter a name in the search field. If your profile picture is visible Click, this is my account but if it is not, Click I am Not in this List.

6. Then go back to select how you want to receive your password and proceed to Continue

7. Facebook won’t verify your account if you eventually find your account but do not have access to the pre-existing registered phone number with Facebook.

8. Next, enter the security code you received and click Continue

9. You have successfully changed your password when you enter a new password, and a message pops out from Facebook advising you to log out of devices you are logged in to if someone else has access to your old password. Click Log out of other devices or Stay Logged in and then Continue.

Alternative Method

Aside from this, if you still have an issue retrieving your Facebook account, you can hire a social media recovery expert to help recover your account. Contact DuoLab and get your lost Facebook account back in a short while. Click here to contact an Expert.

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