How To Recover Lost Snapchat Account

How To Recover Lost Snapchat Account: Snapchat is a camera application that helps people to interact through short videos and pictures known as snaps. Founded in 2011 by two Stanford students, Snap is the Los Angeles-based technology and social media company behind messaging app Snapchat.

Social media account hacks which include Snapchat are becoming a recurring occurrence, which affects different strata of people, from celebrities, politicians, business brands and so on, Snapchat hacks mostly affect the Gen Z population because they are the most dominant force using the app, and this generation is also characterized with paying less attention to security details by using the same password on multiple accounts and sharing passwords with friends.

How To Recover Lost Snapchat Account

Even though most people use Snapchat to beautify their pictures and make cool videos or set snap streaks, some individual on this platform earn their income from the app. People earn money from Snapchat through Snapchat Spotlight, promoting an affiliate product, Advertisement and more. To some individuals, Snapchat is beyond the picture and video editing, it is their source of income. Even to some people who do not necessarily use Snapchat to earn money, Snapchat is a pretty serious property to them maybe because of the pictorial memories on it or some pictures or videos they will be glad if it remains private to them.

So, when someone loses their Snapchat account, it can be a serious matter for them and they would like to retrieve it, contrary to popular opinion telling them to just create a new account since it is “just” a Snapchat account.

Unfortunately, recovering a Snapchat account is not easy. The ease of account retrieval depends on the change the hacker has made to the account. If the hacker only changed the password, it is relatively easy to recover your account on your own compared to if the hacker changed the phone number, email address or added a two-factor authenticator.

How To Recover Lost Snapchat Account

If the hacker had changed only the password, enter your username or email in the login field and click on forget password, the app will ask you how you want to reset your password through Phone number or email choose the one that is convenient for you, a confirmation code will be sent to either your phone number or email depends on the one you chose. 

After entering the confirmation code you will be taken to a page where you can reset your password by entering your old password (the one you were using before) and entering the new one you want to be using. Resetting your password is a pretty straightforward process if you still have access to the email or phone number you used to create the account.

However, if the hacker has changed the phone number, email address or added two-factor authentication, there are very limited options and like with most social media, it is difficult to communicate with these companies and gain help with undoing such attacks. 

The best option you have is to hire a hacker to help you retrieve your account through different social engineering methods. When you hire a hacker it is more or less like you are hiring a private investigator for your account, the hacker will deploy all the arsenal in his or her capacity to recover the account. If you are the curious type you can ask the hacker the type of method they will use to retrieve the account and ask for their track record before hiring them to confirm if they can actually retrieve your Snapchat account.

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How you can protect your Snapchat account

The first step to take to protect your Snapchat is to set up a strong and unique password that can only be attributed to that single account (i.e don’t use the same password on multiple social media account).

Beyond setting up a strong and unique password, make sure you turn on two-factor authentication ( 2-FA) or Multiple Factor Authenticator (MFA) within Snapchat’s settings, you should also implement it on all of your social media accounts that offer it. In Snapchat, head over to settings and find the Two-Factor Authentication set up – while it’s okay to use SMS based Two Factor Authenticator it is far better to use Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. 

After you have successfully secured your Snapchat within the app, it is equally important to secure the device you are using the Snapchat on. If the device is full of malware or keyloggers, it will be easy for hackers to get all your security settings through the vulnerability of your device. 

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