How To Recover Lost Funds From EnviFX broker

Recover Lost Funds From EnviFX broker: EnviFX is an offshore broker, which is a huge problem for associating trust with any forex broker. EnviFX seems to be using a broker registration from the Carribian ( Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), and as a forex trader, you should be skeptical of a broker that is not registered in our geographical location.

We find the UI ( User Interface) part of the website good, but the problem is that it has too much information, and the navigation is hard. We will be diving more into the review of EnviFX later in the article; let discuss how you can recover your lost funds from EnviFX broker;

Your best shot at recovering your fund is to file for a chargeback with your bank. This option is your only way if EnviFX is not a registered broker in your location since the authorities can do anything to a company not registered under them, so reporting to the police will only create awareness of the scam and nothing else. The chargeback option works when your payment method is a credit card instead of the Bitcoin payment supported by EnviFX. 

What is a chargeback? A chargeback is a reversal of a credit card transaction. You only get a single chance to make a chargeback claim, so it is important to get it right with the first chance. You have to arrange some documents to file for a chargeback with your bank. Some of the evidence may include:

  • Pictorial evidence of the product or service
  • Product description or advertisements
  • Copy of all communications with the merchant
  • Documents relating to transaction history
  • Terms and conditions or contracts of engagement

Recover Lost Funds From EnviFX broker

To successfully charge for a chargeback, you have to hire the service of a financial adviser or a Fund Recovery Expert to guide you with their expertise to make sure your claim is accepted. The Fund Recovery expert might ask for additional documents apart from the ones listed above to ensure that your claim is accepted. Resist the urge to file for a chargeback yourself and hire a Fund recovery expert today.

Go to Duolabs to hire a Fund recovery expert with industry experience to help you file a successful chargeback. Duolabs is a trusted platform with over 500+ successful chargeback applications; you can trust the experts on Duolabs to recover your funds.

Background of EnviFX

Recover Lost Funds From EnviFX broker

There are no details about who or the group behind this platform. For transparency, the platform should name the individual or group working there. If you want people to trust you with their funds, you should be willing to reveal your identity. Without transparency, members are at the mercy of the broker once they agree to the terms.

Customer Support

Chat support is on the platform, but it’s Bot-oriented. There are not serious as they claim to be because there is no live support, and making contact through other channels like an email address(also Bot and Automated) is a problem.

Trying to reach them through their telephone number is a trap for the customer service to use your direct line to access you and call you at any time.

Customers’ feedback and overall rating

It can be seen from the reviews online that the company is working with some review websites to fool most people, most of their customers’ feedbacks are fake, this can be seen as most reviews are from the same location even the date are funny as most of the reviews are all within 24 hours. 

A broker that pays for positive reviews online should not be trusted with your funds as this is not trustworthy.

License and Registration

EnviFX is not a registered trading platform and, as such, should be considered risky for an investment option.  The broker is in no hurry to get a valid license from any EU regulator or reputable license board.

If the platform is not under any jurisdiction in your country, what this means is that they only adhere to the rules made by themself. There is no security of funds on platforms like this.

A legit broker is a registered broker; trading with them is safe and easy. A registered broker will comply with industry regulations, such as having your funds insured and having a compensation plan. In the event of bankruptcy or insolvency, members ought to get compensation from the broker.

Withdrawal and Deposit with EnviFX

Traders are free to use Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as part of the depository option. EnviFx accepts Credit Card and Debit Card also. According to the Broker, you can benefit from tighter spreads due to the availability of STP Execution on the platform.

The risky part is the lack of withdrawal terms and conditions. The lack of withdrawal terms and conditions makes us wonder what happens when members want to withdraw their funds. And this is another way of blocking members from withdrawing funds when they want to.

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