How To Recover Lost Fund From Crypto Bravos Scam

Recover Lost Fund From Crypto Bravos Scam: Cryptobravos claims to be based in Chicago, USA; they have advertised themselves as both a cryptocurrencies trader and a mining platform. However, their service is currently banned in countries like Canada, and The British Colombia security commission has also issued a warning to the residents of British Colombia not to trade with CryptoBravos.

Their website is currently down for infrastructure works, and it is inaccessible to previous members. Past users can’t withdraw their money from the site, but we will be discussing how you can get your money back from CryptoBravos later in the article. Make sure to read to the end.

Is CryptoBravos a scam

Most online reviews about CryptoBravos are negative. Most users have claimed they were scammed out of thousands of dollars and can’t withdraw their money due to the sudden disappearance of the company’s website, office address, phone number, and other traces. 

A 66-year-old man claimed he was scammed of $70,000; he claimed he was contacted via email and phone by a Martin Fisher. Many other reviews feature a man named Adam Laurent. We advise you to stay away from the platform as these are all professional criminals. In addition, the repetition of names suggests it is an organized scam group, using different alias and names. 

However, there are few positive reviews; some claim that the negative reviews are from CryptoBravos competitors to tarnish the company’s reputation. For all we know, the scammers themselves could be the ones giving these positive reviews to boost trust with customers.

Recover Lost Fund From Crypto Bravos Scam

How to recover funds lost to Cryptobravos scam

If you were scammed out of your hard earnings by the Cryptobravos scam, then Duolabs and their teams of experts can help you. Duolabs won’t only help you file for a chargeback with a high acceptance rate; they will also get in contact with legal professionals to file a report, in some cases a lawsuit against the broker on your behalf.

Duolabs has tagged Cryptobravos broker to be a very dangerous scam. Unfortunately, the only positive thing associated with Cryptobravos is the SSL protection on their website. Cryptobravo is a sham that entices people with the promise of huge profit with a small investment to delay withdrawal with claims of tax fees and other issues.

Recover Lost Fund From Crypto Bravos Scam

To successfully recover your money go to Duolabs and hire the expertise of a Fund Recovery Expert to help you file for a chargeback. Reist the urge to file fo a chargeback with your financial provider alone. You have one chance to file for a chargeback, do everything in your power to make it a successful one. 

What is a chargeback? A chargeback is a reversal of a credit card transaction. You only get a single chance to make a chargeback claim, so it is important to get it right with the first chance.

Spotting a scam broker:

Here are some possible red lights to spot a scam broker like Cryptobravos:

  • The terms and conditions were copied from another broker’s website.
  • The website interface is the same as another broker’s website.
  • The broker offers a return on investment (ROI) that seems too good to be true.
  • The office address on the broker’s website is not valid.
  • The contact address on the broker’s website is not valid.
  • The broker shut down their website.
  • You are unable to login into your account with the broker.
  • The broker makes a trade on your account without your permission.
  • Reduction in funds in your account without any information.
  • The broker removed money from your bank account without permission.

Spotting Online Scams

Fake Website:

  • Please don’t click on a link from a phishing website or download an attachment from it.
  • Any website that creates a sense of urgency or tries to rush you into action is likely a scam/fake website.
  • Do not input any sensitive information on a website that doe not have an SSL certificate, i.e., the website is not HTTPS, or it doesn’t have the padlock symbol in the URL bar indicating a secure location.
  • A website that does not accept a secure method of payment
  • A website that offers you deals on products or/and services that seem too good to be true.

Phone call Scam

  • An unknown caller is offering you deals that will soon expire. Most of these types of phone scams always promise high profits.
  • A caller that claims to be from your financial service provider or the National Identification center asking for your personal information like Banking details, investment account information, SSN and so on.
  • Calls from the IRS or tax authority (allegedly) demanding unpaid taxes.
  • A dubious call from someone that claims to be from the government and requests a monetary payment
  • A proposal to settle a debt, taxes or other amounts that you owe and need to send the money via prepaid bank card or gift card.

Recover Lost Fund From Crypto Bravos Scam

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