How To Recover Funs Lost To AuraFX Scam

How To Recover Funs Lost To AuraFX Scam: AuraFX, founded in 2013, is a New Zealand-based CFD and forex broker that uses MT4, the top trading platform. It is not regulated, posing a risk to investors. AuraFX appeared to be registered under Aura Group Ltd, according to their MT4 report. This company is suspected to be an unlicensed forex brokerage service, not regulated by any authority. 

How To Recover Funs Lost To AuraFX Scam

Besides, when we reviewed AuraFX online, we found many allegations that the broker is related to PureECN and other brands and that traders have complained that their withdrawal request has been placed on hold forever. So maybe you should be skeptical about this broker.

Reason to suspect a fraud broker is in motion:

  • The forex broker restricts access to your account.
  • The Broker blocked your account.
  • You are unable to login back into your account.
  • The Broker removed money from your forex account without your permission.
  • You are unable to contact the Broker.
  • The broker website is shut down.
  • The Broker removed money from the bank account linked to the Broker’s website without your permission.
  • The Broker offers you a bonus to stop you from withdrawing.
  • The Broker is always asking you for more money, whether you gain or lose in a trade.

How to recover your lost funds

How To Recover Funs Lost To AuraFX Scam

One of the most dominant online trading scams gimmicks is to initially display profitable trades, and luxurious lifestyle members live from profit supposedly made from the platform that gives their targets a false sense of confidence and gets them snagged on the idea of easy money. Anyone can be a victim of this sham, so don’t panic and make sure to recover your money. 

The best thing you can do to get your money back is to file for a chargeback. A chargeback is the retroactive cancellation and refund of a charge made using your credit card, wire transfer or other payment methods. By putting together a compelling chargeback strategy from beginning to end, victims of online fraud have a relatively high probability of recovering some or all of their funds lost.

However, filing a chargeback needs a solid strategy for your financial provider to believe you were scammed, so you need to hire a fund recovery expert to assist you in filing a comprehensive report for your chargeback. With the help of a fund recovery expert, your journey towards recovering your money will be relatively easy compared to if you do it alone.

You can get a qualified Fund Recovery Expert on Duolabs, a leading platform for various recovery services for hire. With over 1000 satisfied customers with AuraFX scam recovery issues, Duolabs can be trusted to help you successfully file for a chargeback and make sure your money is returned to your account. 

AuraFX review:

Here is a review from Forexpeacearmy, a registered user from Virginia, who narrated how AuraFX has continually put his withdrawal request on hold.

“Great company till I tried to get my money

 I have been trading at Aura for 6 years. I wrote and sold trading software in 2010 and was always on the hunt for decent brokers. Aura seemed to be great and referred many clients over the years. I opened a second account there in 2019. I have all the original emails and documents I sent to open the two accounts.

I no longer traded forex and requested to get my money out of the two accounts on Feb 10, 2021. A guy named Kevin Mayne contacted me and said my account numbers are old and the company split over 2 years ago, and he needed some time to find my accounts.

A week or so later, he started asking for proof of ID documents, wire receipts, signed account application forms, and bank statements showing I deposited the money. I sent him the wire receipt for the older account, which I happened to have scanned and sent to them when the account was set up. I don’t have the wire receipt for the second account but have an Email dated 1/10/2019 confirming Aura got my second deposit for $1000 and credited it to my new account. Kevin Mayne was copied on this email.

Remember, this was all under the auspices of “finding” my accounts. A month has passed. I hear from Kevin about once every other day. I keep asking exactly what else he needs, and all I ever get is “send the documents I requested in my original email.” This is clearly a delay tactic. I’m getting the feeling Aura is insolvent. Why do you need a wire receipt and proof of ID to “find” a customer’s account? That stuff was all provided in order to set up the account, and they know that.

I told Kevin I was going to put this here. He doesn’t seem to care. I have all the supporting emails. I hope Kevin responds. I would love nothing more than to get my money quickly, change my rating, and move on.

This review seems to have lots of hints of scam, like; customer care doesn’t reply or send a bot reply to clients’ messages, and the client withdrawal request is put on hold forever.

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