How To Recover Funds From Rc Global Financial Scam

What is an ideal broker?

Recover Funds From Rc Global Financial Scam: An ideal broker is a broker that is licensed and regulated by a bonafide regulatory authority. This is the basic thing to verify if a broker has a good intention in the forex market. Another thing to consider is how easy and intuitive the trading platform is to use.

An authentic broker will invest enough in its trading platform so it can be very easy to use and has a great user experience to help traders conduct their daily transactions. The trading platform should be modern and supported by the latest foreign exchange technology and advanced analytical tools. An ideal should not only be licensed but also have an excellent trading condition, good reputation, and excellent customer support.

Obviously, RC Global Financial is not characterized by any of the qualities mentioned above and should not even be regarded as a broker, but just fraud in the forex marketplace. Remember we said excellent trading condition is part of the characteristics of an ideal broker, RC Global Financial hide almost all of its trading conditions and this has raised a lot of suspicions because if investors are trusting you with their money, you should be transparent with them and tell them the conditions attached with trusting you with their funds.

Recover Funds From Rc Global Financial Scam

Recover Funds From Rc Global Financial Scam

Is RC Global Finance regulated?

Like most fraudulent brokers, RC Global Finance wants to deceive traders that it is regulated by registering under a finance authority that does not cover forex or the jurisdiction they are operating. RC Global Finance is supposedly licensed by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC)  of Vanuatu, this region is known for its weak regulatory requirement on forex brokers and they technical don’t give licenses for brokers to operate outside of their region. We do not recommend trading with RC Global Finance because it is not regulated by a top-tier regulatory authority.

Examples of top-tier Regulatory Authorities:

  • The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • Commissione Nazionale per le Societa e la Borsa (CONSOB) for Italy
  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – for the United kingdom
  • The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • The National Futures Association (NFA) – For the United States. And any other European regulatory authority.

Brokers licensed in these jurisdictions are required to meet a long list of requirements to protect the financial interest of the consumers, i.e., traders.

How to recover funds from fraudulent brokers

Brokers like RC Global Finance are known to put traders withdrawal requests on hold without giving a reasonable reason for it. If you are under this category or any of the following;

  • Your trading account is frozen by the broker
  • Or they blocked your trading account
  • You are unable to login into your account
  • Notice a reduction in the fund in your trading account
  • Unable to communicate with the broker
  • The broker shut down its website
  • The broker authorise a transfer from your bank account without your permission
  • The broker offers you a bonus to stop you from withdrawing your funds
  • The broker tells you to put more money into your trading account after you have suffered a huge loss

This means you have been scammed by the broker. In case you reach out to the broker about your withdrawal issue and you are told to pay a withdrawal fee to activate your request, do not send any money as this is another scam scheme.

To get your money back you have to contact your bank and file for a chargeback. A chargeback is the reversal of money transferred to a fraudulent entity. You have to convince your bank that you were defrauded by the entity you transacted with. This method is useful if you used any bank-approved fund transfer method to send money to the fraudulent broker.

However, the process of filing for a chargeback can be very tedious plus you only have one chance to do it, this is why it is advised you hire a Finacial adviser or a fund recovery expert that knows about chargebacks. A fund recovery expert is already familiar with the process, so working with them increases the chances of your chargeback being successful. 

Go to Duolabs today to hire a professional Fund Recovery Expert. Duolabs is an online platform with different Recovery Experts. You will have to provide some evidence that will be submitted to the bank to prove that you were scammed, documents like terms of service, transaction receipt and many more that the Recovery expert dims fit. Speak with a Fund Recovery on Duolabs to know all necessary information you will need to provide for your chargeback to be successful and for full guidance doing the chargeback process.

Recover Funds From Rc Global Financial Scam

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