How To Recover Funds From Dating Scam

Recover Funds From Dating Scam: Who doesn’t want to find love? Many people use online dating apps and social media platforms to find relationships. But the online dating community is filled with romance scammers, so instead of finding true love, they meet scammers who want to defraud them of their money. According to the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission ) in the United Kingdom, dating scams reached $304 million in 2021, this is rather a huge amount to pay for fake love. 

Such online dating scammers open fake accounts on online dating apps and sites, or they contact their target people directly through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Google Hangout, etc. After building trust, they make up fake stories to gain sympathy and ask for money.

Common forms of dating scams – Recover Funds From Dating Scam

Recover Funds From Dating Scam

The scammers usually create a fake account with false information, they may say they are working on an oil rig or the military, they generally go for places where it is more difficult to meet in person. Here are some excuses they generally make.

  • They are working as a military agent or armed forces.
  • They are living with a family member. Mostly a strict Aunty or Uncle.
  • They work as doctors or paramedical staff in third world countries as charity.
  • They live in any foreign country.
  • They are a delivery truck driver that always on the move.
  • They are businessmen or businesswomen who work abroad.
  • They work abroad on an oil rig.
  • They work on a cruise ship which is always on international waters.

Such scammers create fake scenarios which victims can easily believe to gain sympathy and financial help from them. Such as:

  • They are seriously ill and need money for surgery or other medical expenses.
  • They are doing some business and have an investment opportunity for you.
  • They are stuck overseas, or their visa is expired, and they need money for visas, tickets, or other travel expenses.
  • They have to pay off debts and need funds for them.
  • They need cash for importing/ exporting products as customs fees for a gift they want to send to you.
  • They are on the way to your place and they need gas fees or ticket fees.

How Can You Recover Your Money From Romance Scam?

About millions of people are targeted by dating scammers online in the world. If you’ve already fallen victim to such a scam, then you’re not alone. Dating scams are increasing, especially during a pandemic, when people feel more isolated and friendless during the lockdown. So, if you have also been a victim and sent money to someone who you think is a scammer, then we can help you.

Dating scams are among the most destructive scams as you feel emotionally betrayed and hurt, and at the same time, you feel ashamed for being a target of a romance scammer. However, Duolabs has solved many such dating cases and recovered scam money successfully. We can help you to get your money back and to find that romance scammer, so you should never hesitate to contact us at

Things to do to reclaim your money

To reclaim your money you have to provide some information about your encounter and why you think you have been scammed, this is to assist our team to easily trace the particular scammer and recover your money.

  • Which dating app or social media did you find that person (e.g., Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Elite Single, etc.)
  • Describe the details that you know about that person with whom you were in contact.
  • Provide contact details for them that you know about. It might be their address, phone number, social media profile, dating account, bank details, etc.
  • Describe your circumstance and detail how you think you’ve been a victim.
  • How you transfer them money (provide details of the transfer and bank account or other means by which you transfer money to them)

Do’s and Don’ts of online dating

This will further assist you in staying safe on dating platforms and social media generally.


  • Pay attention to red flags on peoples’ dating profiles.
  • Approach relationships slowly. Be sceptical of people that confess deep emotional feelings quickly.
  • Set up a phone or video chat early to know if the person is real.
  • Do your own snooping before committing your time to the relationship. 
  • Ask someone you trust for a second opinion.
  • Stop communicating and report the incident if you discover it is a catfish account.


  • Send compromising pictures.
  • Reveal too much personal information. The less you reveal the less they know.
  • Pay someone you haven’t met.
  • Feel safe because you made the first contact.
  • Believe everything they say, be sceptical until you feel they are trustworthy.
  • Buy plane tickets or gift cards or gas fees.
  • Move communication off of dating sites early.
  • Accept money from someone you haven’t met.

Besides the financial costs of online dating scams, there may be emotional costs, too. You may feel heartbroken, depressed, or embarrassed after someone you trusted scammed you.

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