How To Recover Fund From Trade 360 Scam

Recover Fund From Trade 360 Scam: Are you on the search for ways to recover your funds from a Trade360 scam? Do you know you have a good chance to get your money back? Trade360 is an unregistered and unregulated broker, and lots of people have reportedly been scammed on the platform. 

An innocent trader is scammed when a broker takes their fund through an unfair means; there can be many ways a broker can scam its members.

Sign of a forex broker scam

  • An amount is charged from your bank account from the broker without your permission.
  • You try to contact the broker through the phone number listed on their website, and no one attends to the call.
  • The forex broker’s website is no longer accessible.
  • Your trading account was blocked or frozen by the broker.
  • The broker wants you to deposit more money with a promise of a larger return, one that seems too good to be true.

If you have witnessed any of the following, you probably have been victimized by a scam broker.

We do not recommend trading with Trade360 since this broker has been suspected as a scam broker. Immediately withdraw your funds if you are currently trading with them.

How to recover your money from a forex scam

Your first step toward recovering your money is to engage with the broker to understand what went wrong. 

New forex traders lose their investment often because of a poor trading strategy and lack of understanding of how the forex market works. While the fault might be theirs’ angry traders might want to blame the broker for their loss.

When you find yourself in situations like this, it is best to keep your anger in check and have a conversation with the broker. 

If you were scammed, you would likely get no response from the broker, or in some instances, the scammer will try to upsell you on the scam by telling you to add more funds to recover the one you lost. Don’t pay any broker who uses these tactics with you and consider them a scamming platform henceforth.

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Your next line of action is to name and shame them on public trading platforms. Take the matter to famous forex trading forums or social media generally. If you can get enough traction on popular trading forums, the broker might contact you to put the post down in exchange that you take the post down. Most organizations care a lot about their public perception, including fraudulent organizations.

Your next line of action is to file for a chargeback. Chargeback is most effective when you use your Credit or Debit card to make payments. The card chargeback is the most effective method to get your money back from a forex scam. 

You file for a chargeback with your financial service provider, submitting a document that you were scammed by the broker you paid to. If the Financial institution accepts your claims, the money will be removed from the broker’s account and returned to your account. However, filing for a chargeback is not that straightforward as it takes a lot of convincing documents to convince your financial service provider that the broker scammed you.

It is advised to hire the service of Fund Recovery experts to help you file for a successful chargeback. A fund recovery expert with experience in the financial sector knows the requirement to be fulfilled for a chargeback to be successful.

Hire an industry-certified Fund Recovery Expert on Duolabs. Duolabs is a platform where you can hire the service of different Recovery Experts, from Cryptocurrency to Data Recovery Experts. With 500+ successful chargebacks filed by experts on Duolabs, this platform can be trusted to successfully help you with your chargeback.

Recover Fund From Trade 360 Scam

Protect yourself from fraudulent brokers

The following steps should help you protect yourself against unscrupulous brokers in the first place:

  • Make thorough research online of the broker. A simple Google search can go a long way in giving insight into negative comments could just be an angry trader or something more serious. A good supplement to this is to search for the broker on BrokerCheck from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which gives information if there is any outstanding legal action against the broker. 
  • Read through the withdrawal policy on the site and check online if there are any complaints about members not being able to withdraw funds. It is also a red flag if there is no withdrawal policy.
  • If you are satisfied with your research on a particular broker, open an account and start with small capital. Trade on the platform for about a month or more if all goes well, it should be relatively safe to deposit more funds.

Recover Fund From Trade 360 Scam

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