how to get rid of malware from My Devices

Fhow to get rid of malware: Malware is the zombie to our devices- phones, tablets and computers. If you have seen the movie “The Walking Dead” you will be able to relate more to this statement. The frequent error messages, crashes, worms, viruses, are parasitic organisms ( just like the zombies) to our devices and they disrupt the ability of our devices to function properly. 

In this current age of data and information, your phone and other devices is a treasure trove for hackers who are always on the hunt to steal them. Furthermore, mobile phones are the number one device on the planet, according to Statista, 78% of the world’s population uses them and this was in 2020, we can only imagine the number has increased since then.

Apart from making calls, people use mobile phones for banking, dating, commuting, communicating, transacting and many more. This makes our mobile phone contain a huge amount of data including information from our personal and work life.

As there is an increase in mobile phone usage, cybersecurity problems have also been increasing which includes various online attacks such as malware, identity theft, ransomware, virus, spyware, Trojan horses and many more. Hackers can exploit your data to reveal your secret or use your digital identity to perform theft or fraud online.

This is why you can’t afford to lose information to a hacker. This is why you need software to secure your phone and its data. The software will not only prevent malware from entering your phone but will also allow you to know the security status of your devices, whether it is safe or not. This security software comes with many features and functionalities like scanning for virus, security alerts when there is an attack on your phone and other features that allows you to be one step ahead in protecting your devices.

how to get rid of malware

how to get rid of malware
Malware Detected Warning Screen with abstract binary code 3d digital concept

What is Malware?

The definition of Malware is not complete if these two words are not in it:

  • Intentional, and,
  • Damage

Malware is an encompassing term for any and every destructive/parasitic software intentionally built to prompt damage to your server, computer, network, or phone.

Malware is referred to with different names, but the function and intent are the same. Some Spywares are designed to maliciously gather and steal information from their target or victim. There is Ransomware that is designed to hijack your data and hold you for ransom. With threats to release the data and secrets, the victim has no choice but to pay the ransom. Others are;

  • Logic Bomb
  • Computer Worms
  • Trojan Horse
  • Rootkit
  • Virus

Our main focus is how to get rid of malware from our phones. We won’t be focussing on the types of malware because even though they are some that are more dangerous than the others, they all have the same outcome and unpleasant effects.

Malware on Your Phone

Most people question whether or not their phone can be infected by malware, and the answer is yes. It is a thousand per cent possible, well there are extra layers of security for iPhone users, but technically it is still possible. Once malware finds its way into your phone, it performs different tasks. Compete with your phone’s resources and destroy a lot of programs.

Sign that there is malware in your phone

  • Takes a long time for the phone to boot on.
  • Apps take a longer time to load.
  • Phone battery drains quickly.
  • Apps that you did not download shows up o your phone.

How To Fix This Malware Problem

There are two ways you can detect and flush out malware from your phone.

  • The Manual method
  • The Automatic method

The Manual Way

Step One: Shut down your Phone

Immediately you notice any of the classic signs of malware invasion, the first thing you do, especially if you cannot pinpoint the entry site, best thing to do is to switch off your phone. 

Shutting down the phone will stop further damage and the spread of malicious software to other programs.

It is the safest first option.

Step Two: Activate Safe Mode

  • Hold down the power button for a few seconds.
  • Tap the Restart option; most Android phones have this option. Then click on Reboot to Safe mode.
  • For devices that do not have this option, switch off your phone by long-pressing the power button.
  • Then long-press the Volume down button, wait till your device comes up.
  • The Safe mode option will come up at the lower-left corner of your phone.

The Automatic Method

This method is easy and very simple. You need to buy, download and install anti-malware software, which will do the job. Most protection software comes with different features. These apps can scan all kinds of malicious software, uninstall/delete it, and protect your phone from future attacks. Trusted software you can buy; Malwarebytes, Sophos Home, MalwareFox-Anti Malware, F-Secure Safe and Tenorshare Reiboot.

How To Recover Data Lost To Malware Attacks

After getting rid of a malware attack, there might be some data lost to the process. Getting this data or information back can only be done by a professional Data Recovery Expert and/or a hacker. There is no app or phone setting that can help with recovering data lost to malware attacks.

To hire a seasoned Data Recovery Expert or a hacker go to Duolabs. Duolabs is an online marketplace for different recovery experts and hackers that can be hired for various technical jobs. Duolabs recovery expert boost of over 200 data recovery lost to ransomware, malware, trojan horse and other malicious software.

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