Get Your Mony Back From Ledbury Plc Broker Scam

Mony Back From Ledbury Plc Broker Scam: Ledbury plc is a brokerage platform that promises to help investors gain the highest investment goal in the competitive market. Ledbury Plc offers forex, CFD and binary options trades which is a little weird because brokers are known to offer forex trade and CFD ( Contract for Difference) or Binary options bets, not both. Moreover, most countries have banned binary options bet because it is believed that it is more of a game of chance (betting) than an investment. 

Before putting your money into any brokerage platform you should do your research about the platform, no matter how enticing their offer might be, blindly trusting a broker can be a big mistake. Here are things you should know about Ledbury PLc before investing with them if you don’t want to worry about fund recovery later on;

Ledbury Plc Regulatory Status

Ledbury PLc claims on its website that it compiles with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) Standard and policies. The company is supposedly situated at Suite 110, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1DD Scotland, United Kingdom. 

However, Ledbury Plc does not have the compulsory FCA (Financial Conduct Authority – of UK) license to do this. What this means is that they are not regulated by FCA or any other serious regulator authority. 

Ledbury Plc claims to be licensed by VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Service Commission) which is not enough for them to be operating in the United Kingdom. Ledbury Plc is operating illegally in the UK and the FCA has issued a warning to the public not to invest with this broker.

Taking into consideration the fact that Ledbury Plc is not licensed by any serious regulatory authority we do not recommend trading with this broker because it is suspected of fraud. Before trading with a broker make sure that the broker is not only regulated but also have a good reputation, excellent trading conditions and excellent support.

Mony Back From Ledbury Plc Broker Scam

Mony Back From Ledbury Plc Broker Scam

Ledbury Plc Website Integrity

Ledbury Plc website is publicly known to be a clone website of an FCA approved brokerage platform and this is part of the warning issued by FCA about Ledbury Plc. A brokerage platform that can not invest in its website should not be trusted with money.

We think Ledbury Plc attributes mentioned above is enough to tell people not to invest with them and Ledbury Plc should be considered a scam broker. No matter how enticing their trading offers and options might be. They are reports online that Ledbury Plc has stopped traders from withdrawing, placing withdrawal requests on hold or canceling them.

What this type of broker often do to further scam their victims is to tell them to pay a withdrawal fee to activate their withdrawal request. This is another scam scheme, has this broker will collect this money and nothing will be done still.

How to recover funds from Ledbury Plc scam

If you have made payment to the Ledbury Plc platform you should do everything in your power to get your money out. If you have not submitted a withdrawal request on the platform do so now as it will further serve as evidence that you were scammed on the platform.

If you have already submitted a withdrawal request and the broker has aired you or put the request on hold for whatever reasons, take a screenshot and keep it as it can serve as evidence. Note; don’t pay any money to the broker to activate withdrawal, this is another phase of the scam.

You have to hire a fund recovery personnel to assist you to get your money back through the bank. Depending on how you paid the scam broker in the first place, the recovery expert will likely file for a chargeback with your bank.

A chargeback is a new technology that helps you get your money back from who you sent it to if you can convince the bank that you were defrauded. The chargeback however has some technicality associated with it, the evidence needed, how to submit the request, how to file for a successful chargeback and so on. Thi is why we advise people to hire a seasoned recovery expert to assist doing the chargeback process. 

If you hire a fund recovery expert they can tell you whether or not your case falls under a chargeback or they will use other methods to get your money back. 

Go to Duolabs to hire a fund recovery expert today. Duolabs is a recovery platform that has various recovery experts with experience. Duolabs have an 83% success rate of funds recovered. Contact them to explain your case.

Mony Back From Ledbury Plc Broker Scam

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