Cryptechs-io Scam And How To Recover Funds

CrypTechs review – Is it a scam? Yes.

Cryptechs-io Scam And How To Recover Funds: One little thing that determines the legitimacy of anything is its authenticity. CrypTechs is not an authentic platform as it can be seen from their website that they have copied and pasted the website of another fake forex broker with a similar name (

CrypTechs did not even bother to check for grammatical errors as their website is riddled with lots of them even the company address is the same. The company is supposedly situated in St. Vincent and Grenadines, which is a hot spot for fraudulent brokers.

After checking the general public opinion on CrypTechs, we found hundreds of negative comments and allegations against them. All the reviews make it a little bit clearer that it is the same fraudsters that run both CrypTechs and CryptechGlobal.

Regulations and Licenses for CrypTechs – None

To ensure the safety of one’s capital in the forex market, you must make sure the broker you are going into business with is regulated by an authentic regulatory authority. CrypTechs is not regulated by any regulatory body, i.e it is not licensed to provide any financial service. Although, according to CrypTechs website it stated there that they have some values to offer their clients, we can assure you that those values are vague and broad and all they are really after is how much you have deposited and how much they can scam you off.

CrypTech review – Trading Platforms

Like most fraudulent forex brokers, CrypTech only offers two types of trading platforms – web and mobile. They don’t have either a desktop or mobile app ( which takes further scrutiny from Google and the scammer obviously doesn’t want that) or a downloadable verified MT4 or MT5 trading platform. 

Another hint of the CrypTechs scam scheme is the list of vague information on their website. These words are obviously phrased to trick beginner traders or clueless traders to deposit, phrases like “Work with some of the most popular stocks in the market” – all forex trading platform works with popular stocks and CrypTech couldn’t mention any type of stock, “and we work with many tools” – again they refuse to mention the type of tool they use or how they use them.

Basically, their gimmick here is to write statements that are broad and vague, so when they call you and you ask if they offer a type of service that falls under their vague statements, they can say yes – anything to make you deposit.

Cryptechs-io Scam And How To Recover Funds

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Types Of Accounts

The company copied the exact thing with CrypTechGlobal again. They have four account types: basic, silver, gold, VIP.


  • Minimum deposit: $200-3000
  • Education: 3 sessions
  • Assets: 100+


  • Minimum deposit: $3000-10000
  • Education: unlimited sessions
  • Assets: 200+
  • Signals: 5 VIP
  • Withdrawals: 5 free


  • Minimum deposit: $10000-50000
  • Education: unlimited sessions
  • Assets: 200+
  • Signals: 5 VIP weekly
  • Withdrawals: 10 free


  • Minimum deposit: $50000+
  • Education: 10 sessions
  • Assets: 100+
  • Signals: 3 VIP weekly
  • Withdrawals: First free

If you observe the benefits associated with various account types, you will see how illogical it is. The VIP who will be paying the highest deposit has the worst advantage. The basic account looks better than the VIP. This is simply because the scammer is targeting new traders or clueless deposits to go for the Basic or Silver package. This is a known scammer tactic – so beware when they call.

Assets Traded

Five types of assets are listed on their website: cryptocurrency, forex, commodities, indices and stocks. Note, they are also vague in this section as they don’t provide any information on any of the assets, like what type of currencies pairs, cryptocurrency or stocks they have to offer. The information they provided on their website can be found through a simple Google search or a Wikipedia page.

Again, without specifying the actual type of asset they offer, they offer “all and any” assets. They can claim to sell whatever type of cryptocurrency you want to buy. Not that they have it, but anything for that minimum deposit. 

Plus, for a broker whose name is “CrypTechs,” you would expect for them only to sell cryptocurrency.

In Summary: there is nothing much to tell you more than that you will lose your money to fraudsters if you deposit money into the platform. They are guaranteed scammers. And if you have already deposited we will discuss how you can get your money back in the next section.

How to recover funds lost to CrypTechs scam

Losing money to forex brokers can be devastating. Until recently, victims could do nothing about it and their money is gone forever. However, recent security measures put in place by Banks and Financial service providers have been used to recover funds. If you were scammed by a broker you should file for a chargeback with your bank immediately. Simley put, a chargeback is the reversal of money transferred to a fraudulent entity.

A chargeback process can be tedious and most times not straightforward for ordinary people. This is why it is advised to hire a Financial assistant or a Fund Recovery Expert to help during the chargeback process. For a chargeback to be approved, you have to convince your bank with evidence that you were scammed by the organisation you sent the money to. 

Go to Duolabs today to hire a seasoned Fund Recovery Expert. Duolabs is an online platform with different Recovery Experts.

You will have to provide some evidence that will be submitted to the bank to prove that you were scammed, documents like terms of service, transaction receipt and many more that the Recovery expert dims fit. Speak with a Fund Recovery on Duolabs to know all necessary information you will need to provide for your chargeback to be successful and for full guidance doing the chargeback process.

Cryptechs-io Scam And How To Recover Funds

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