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Over 7 years of industry leading service/experience and 1,000+ happy clients globally, Duolabs retains its unicorn status as the go-to platform while solving financial related hassles, We have recovered over $5,000,000 worth of funds lost to Fraudulent internet schemes ranging from Forex brokers , unregulated exchanges , crypto phishing scams, fake vendors and e-commerce scammers. Our team consists of experts who handle a wide array of tasks. We investigate infidelity , fight blackmail, counter cyber extortionists and other related services.

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Recover lost funds

The increase in cyber scam and theft has been on the rise due to the steady technological advancement. It is then necessary to ensure Data security to avoid been a victim. Duolabs is set to make you general online adventure safe and secure.

We ensure that the process of recoveing their data, funds and other digital asset that has been deceptively carted away by fradulant vendors, brand and schemes is quick and easy.

We provide you a unique and secure service with a clear mechanism and easy step to get your account back to you. We also provide investigations for a potential threat to you and make your data more secure. We're an Isreali based comany which extends it's operation globally. We operate in the UK through a legal exclusion which removes the need to be regulated by the FCA.


We have the best team around the  world ! From inception till now, we have been working efforleslly to enure you get the best of recovery , data security and hacking services

Funds recovery expert
Recover lost funds

Forex Brokers, Binary options, Crypto exchanges, Betting platforms

Wallet,Data & Account recovery

Recover forgotten wallet login/passphras. Recover lost assets

Cyber Security Tools and Advisory

We provide tools to guidde your activities online and off.

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blacklisted brokers forex scam duolabs du0lab5
blacklisted brokers forex scam duolabs du0lab5


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Recovery takes 5-15 days.

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We accept crypto currencies only.

Yes we do! We help organizations set up security systems, recover lost data’s, evaluate employees, investigate fraud and technical look out.

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